Thursday, August 28, 2008

Scoop!! Q3 & Q4 2008 GDP Results

Market Factors has the scoop on Q3 and Q4 2008 GDP numbers!

Q3 2008 GDP will come in at an impressive 4.1% and Q4 2008 GDP will be a very respectable 3.9%. Core inflation will hold steady at 2.1%.

Administration sources said that the numbers were released early because the question of whether the economy is in a recession needed to be settled well before the Presidential election.

These impressive numbers, clearly show the US economy is doing just fine, thank you. The results should provide a big boost to Republican chances in November which ought to be great for stock prices.

Democratic Party offials said while the numbers do seem very good, and do undercut their case to the electorate, they were very busy with the election. They expect to have a comment on the numbers sometime after the November election.


Anonymous said...

care to bet on that?

Market Factors said...

It's a done deal! Taking your money would be unfair.

Anonymous said...

your obviously fucking retarded....nuff said

Market Factors said...

I think you are kind of missing the point of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Yes I did realize that after I posted, my sincere apology for my ignorance, and insulting comment.

Market Factors said...

LOL - no problem, funny.