Thursday, November 20, 2008

DOW Chemical (NYSE:DOW) Buoyed by Mysterious Order for Green Printers Ink

The DOW Chemical Company announced today that it will be working at 100% capacity over the next couple of months to produce and deliver a mysterious order just after the new year. "The due date for the order is tentatively January 19th, 2009, or January 20st, 2009 at the absolute latest." said a DOW spokesman.

"This one order has us all really scrambling" said the DOW insider. "I mean the size of the order is an unprecedented, we are talking about millions of barrels of green ink, essentially a spuertanker full of the stuff. It is hard to imagine what anyone would do with such a vast quantity of green ink". The purchaser of the ink has asked to remain anonymous.

Such a large order could be a sign that the economy will rebound in the new year, International paper and Kimberly-Clark have also reported unusually large orders due early in the new year.